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[Suggestions] XP system & Announces

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aqua, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. Aqua

    Aqua Guest

    - Experience system: the more you repeat an action (mining, building, killing enemies, etc), the more xp you get.
    If you're a knight, and you're able to kill some enemies in a row, you can get stronger, getting more resistance (and why not some bonuses). It's a good way to stimulate player and have a reason to survive during fights. A good player can be rewarded this way.
    A builder will dig faster, or get more ressources. Again, it's a good reward for players doing a good job.
    Disappears once dead.

    - Announces: adding a message box like "X killed Y" "W pwned Z".
    I found frustrating sometimes to be unable to know "who killed me" or "who did I kill". Once dead, names disappear.
    Maybe adding those good old pop up messages "double tap", "triple kill", etc, "nemesis" (when you kill the same guy over and over).
    Give taunt some use, with "humiliation".
    This is addition to emergent challenges, getting payback from enemies and more. Encouraging competitve behaviour with enemy players (and not with your own team).
    Resulting in more fun, of course.

  2. bilbs

    bilbs Guest

    ...let it die.
  3. Shadlington

    Shadlington THD Team THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    I don't like the XP system.

    However, the basics of the "X killed Y" announcements you suggested have already been suggested before and will likely make it into the game.
    ...The popup messages are not likely to get in, however. Its just not that kind of game.
  4. Aqua

    Aqua Guest

    I'm gonna emphasize again about the lack of rewards ingame, and instead of adding pnuishments for griefers, giving them more reasons to actually get into the game and give more heat to fights.

    "I don't like" is not argument. I submitted the idea with arguments, please at least bother to support your opinion with some arguments.

    I used the search function and didn't find anything about announcements, sorry if this has been suggested before.

    Pop up messages are a classic feature in PvP games. I understand that some people might not like this, but saying it doesn't fit the game or people wouldn't like doesn't mean you're true or that it's a fact. I'm not claiming the opposite either, but you're putting this like it doesn't even require a discussion.

    I am amazed by the number of disrespectful people visiting this forum. That's the magic of the internet.
  5. Vania

    Vania Guest

    This little indie game called Altitude had a veteran bars feature, which worked pretty much like what you described.
    It added a lot to the game.

    I dont know if it would work here... archers would get a lot of bars very fast, I usually get great K/D ratios with archer. Defending would be easier and attacking harder cause attackers are more exposed.

    Bars for mining dont make sense either, bars should be won for doing something remarkable.

    The announcements would be a nice addition, as in any game.
  6. In really like the XP system for one single thing, it would make raiding rear minners very important to the gameplay.

    There would probably be two kinds of builders, those who stay in the base deep mining, and therefore getting a lot of xp and becoming really good at it, and combat engineers, building stairs, bridges, pillaging, but who would probably die a lot.

    What this would mean is that those workers in the back of the base would be a genuine valuable resource and therefore become a target. Now you're not just trying endlessly to push the enemy back to get it's flag, you could now form a small raiding party to sneak in and kill those veteran miners and really hurt the enemy's economy.

    Of course, that would require rebalancing as to make constructing things a lot more expensive.
  7. Shadlington

    Shadlington THD Team THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    Guh. I didn't say it was an argument. It was an opinion. I just didn't want to make a case for it as my main point was regarding the other half of your post. If people would just split their ideas posts into separate topics we wouldn't have this problem >_<
  8. Aquillion

    Aquillion Guest

    An XP system would be a bad idea, for several reasons.

    1. It rewards players for grinding by themselves rather than doing what's good for their team. Not every kill is equally useful; certainly not everything a builder builds or mines is equally useful. Growing more powerful should depend on working with your team and on having a strong base (through forward spawns and upgrade structures), not on accumulating any sort of personal points or personal power -- no one knight on a team should ever be more powerful than another knight.

    2. It means that anyone who joins the game late is weaker. That isn't very fun, is it?

    3. It makes it more likely that games will be decided by a small number of superstar players who accumulate huge amounts of XP. This isn't good for the game -- it should depend on teamwork, not on making your own knight super-strong.

    4. It results in match-ups against people who are stronger than you, with no way to really undermine or reduce their power. This is never fun. Power should depend on RTS-like structures that can be attacked, not on RPG-style xp points.

    5. It reduces the importance of building a good base, arranging organized assaults, working with your team and so on in favor of accumulating personal power, RPG-style. KAG is a game about building a strong base and working with your team -- features that reduce the importance of that are a bad idea.

    6. Games are more fun when they're close. "The good players get even more benefits" is bad design; it's better for losing teams to be able to turn things around.
  9. Aqua

    Aqua Guest

    At last, a discussion is starting!

    The way experience works should vary.
    - Knights: XP points from landing sword hits or killing. Maybe from destroying enemy buildings. They can be rewarded by getting more hit points. Maybe moving faster? Or having a greater melee range?
    - Archers: XP points from landing arrows or killing. Maybe more points in function of the distance. They can be rewarded by shooting straight arrows with slower warm up? Or just moving faster/jumping higher (for evasion)?
    - Builders: XP points from mining/and/or/building blocks/etc. They can be rewarded by mining faster. Or collecting more ressources from one block. (this is encouraging people to keep doing their job as a builder).

    To me, it would be a great addition to the game.

    If you played Dwarf fortress (and I know the devs did :) ), miners are getting experience from mining all game long. They mine faster, and are extra fast at legendary level. No need to have such a complex system in KAG.

    Yeah, this game requires more visual feedbacks from the game itself.

    Excellent comment.
    But sounds like it's less rewarding for "combat engineers", because they'll die often and lose their experience.
    It can end into all builders staying at the back and working in safety.
    There should be another reward for builders near fights.

    It would work perfectly with the idea of a wrap map (I got through this topic a few days ago).
    There would be no "back", as builders could get attacked from both sides.
    This would work.

    Things have to balanced each time the devs are adding features.

    Admit that knights, archers and builders have different gameplays and different roles. A knight, apart from killing and pushing, what's his role? Same for archers. Players doing their job (pushing and killing) have to be rewarded, because that's what they have to do. If they want to make profit of their bonus, they have to be teamplayers (in order to survive longer).
    An isolated knight, doing a solo rush for fun, maybe he will be able to pull out a few kills on his own, but he will get countercated pretty fast by enemy players.
    So, for me, this system is still rewarding for teamplayers.

    Players will still die often. I said that once you die, you lose your XP. The goal is not to farm XP all game.
    Life expectancy in this game is very short... that's not a problem at all.

    I repeat: once dead, you lose your XP.
    And people who are able to stay alive are those teamworking. It's a normal thing that those players are making a SLIGHT difference in a game. It's not gamebreaking at all if you reset XP bars every time you die.

    "Stronger"? We're just discussing about "how it could work". Are you imagining knights with lightsabres and molten armors? That's not what I said.
    I've just been talking about slight bonuses. Maybe one additional heart, or a slightly longer melee range. Nothing crazy.

    How are you accumulating "personal power"?
    You are totally misunderstanding what I suggested, I'm not stupid and I understand (and agree) what you said, the goal is to reward players doing their job, and they'll make profit of it only by being teamplayers. It's just a piece of evidence.

    Nope, because I'm gonna repeast what I said: those are slight bonuses. One knight will never be able to genocide the enemy team. Maybe just allowing him to survive 1 or 2 more minutes.
  10. em312s0n

    em312s0n Guest

    youre making the playstyle a little bit dota-like which is greatly biased against losing players... i dont think its gonna work

    lets say, the blue team massacred the forward push of the other team they would in turn get stronger making their "push" that much harder to defend against add to the fact that the other team wont be respawning the same time as their allies would therefore a snowball effect would occur giving little chance for the other team to recover.

    it works with dota because theres gonna be a long time to recover having all those towers, buildings and creeps before the world tree/frozen throne even just 1 left would impede the advance for a couple of minutes on KAG it just wont work its literally seconds to get to the enemy flag

    but the kill spree is a would be a nice touch though