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The game's terrible. Actually, the servers are.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by xWarri0r, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. xWarri0r

    xWarri0r Catapult Fodder

    You know what? I lied, the servers for the game are terrible. I've been playing KAG for quite some time now and I always find myself playing on the top servers, such as that 30 slot RP one, and all of those Capture the Flags. Now, the depressing part is that there's no god damn mods or admins, ever. Maybe one, and barely ever on. It truely pisses me off by the amount of griefers there are and there's no server owner to care to have active staff to look over the abuse, even on the top servers. I'm threatening myself to quit and I've been looking to buy the premium account privileges too, but for what? To get griefed over and over again? Don't get me wrong, the game itself is fun, the torn apart community isn't.

    Also, the kick function in the game is SO poorly designed. You have to spam the chat to kick a griefer which barely ever successfully passes. The reason is, is because people are lazy to kick, and don't know how sadly. By the time you explain how to kick a person, they already griefed your damn fortress! All gone!

    I just wish I can be hired as an moderator just to ban all of these nasty douche bags of the world playing this game. You know, the ones who decide to spend their time going onto your team, and tear down 1 block by 1 until the whole castle falls, then go back on their team, etc. It's totally not fair that I'm forced having to sit through this while I'm being mocked, innocently watching my work fall before my eyes I've spent 30 minutes to an hour on.

    Coming from a mature 18 y/old experienced veteran server owner from games including Minecraft (Bukkit Prison Server), GMod, and Terraria, I've always guaranteed a satisfying online gaming environment without ANY hackers and griefers ruining hard work. Do server owners on KAG care? Do they?

    Now, I've witnessed a good 80% of this on Bergice's Classic Role-Play #2 [32-Players][5 Races] server. I play there the most, and I wish I can apply for the position somehow, just so I can make this game in general a better place, because I'm sure it's a favorite to all of you.

    I just wanted to express myself, sorry for the wall of text and I hope you all realize how much this mean't to me.

  2. Lieber

    Lieber Is Probing Uranus Global Moderator Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    You could also call for a guard on the IRC, they'll show up if they're online. The command is !guard.

    Otherwise I do agree with a lot of things you brought up.
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  3. link6155

    link6155 Bison Rider Staff Alumni Tester
    1. SharSharShar - [SHARK]

    So you say the game is bad even though this has been your first post on the forums? There's a report section on the forums: https://forum.kag2d.com/forums/reports-for-abusive-players-cheaters.59/

    Also, if you want immediate action, you can call a guard on the IRC. As for the voting system on KAG, how else would it work? Players shouldn't have the power to ban for a long time, which is why admins are there. The votekick system should be used as a last resort if no admins responds, no guards come, and the griefer does not stop. People aren't necessary lazy to kick griefers, they don't know how. the votekick box I admit isn't very obvious.

    You did bring up some good points however, thebonesauce has created a clan service called "MEDIC" to educate those about the game so that the community is better.
  4. Contrary

    Contrary The Audacious Paramount of Explosive Flight Donator Tester

    Not saying that you're wrong or anything but that's really interesting to hear as I personally have been continually impressed the speed at which griefers are votekicked. I've had several instances where I'll see a griefer and he/she'll get votekicked before I can even open the menu to ban them myself. I'm beginning to think I've been really fortunate with my choice of servers these past two years.

    Anyways you can call for a guard on IRC- you can find one most hours of the day especially on weekends. You can also try to get admin on servers you frequent or if you make some exceptional contribution to the community you may be promoted to guard status which gives you admin powers on most servers.
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  5. xWarri0r

    xWarri0r Catapult Fodder


    Ah sorry, I'm fairly new to the game (2 weeks maybe?). But, I've learned all the proper building structures on how the game is mean't to be played. I've read these "noob" hate threads and I'm proud to say I feel pretty responsible to separate myself away from that crowd. I'm a good learner! I'm a hardcore gamer and I'm familiar with all the game has to offer, but the "!guard" thing is actually new to me! Thanks for bringing that up. I've found this game out through the Starbound forums and have been playing nonstop since!
    </br>--- merged: Jul 2, 2013 6:27 AM ---</br>

    Being active on the forums is in NO relation to criticizing the game. I feel like you didn't even read my post, so don't talk like that. Thanks for the IRC tip, I really appreciate that :). For example, the game League of Legends, the vote-to-kick option pops up literally on the screen so it's easy to see and interact with, almost like voting to change the map in KAG. The votekick feature should be on the screen when asked to kick someone after someone initiates it. You know?
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  6. Mellian-Quar-Xililix

    Mellian-Quar-Xililix Haxor

    I can't comment much on the Roleplay server, only that I've also had bad experiences on the server. It just seems like Classic Roleplay server is a 5 way griefing session for noob players, with the only roleplaying going on by moderators and some players. Its probably the most frustrating server ever since moderation seems to be very poor.

    On the other hand, BC Flatmaps, Action Server and the Australian server, all are quite popular and seem to be in no shortage of moderators. This may just a time zone thing, but whenever I'm on those servers, there is always an admin on call to ban griefers. I'm quite sorry to hear that you've had bad experiences, since mine have been very good (despite being kicked from action by badmins :p). Server owners do care for their servers and all of them are readily accessible for contacting. It may be that there is a lack of admins for your timezone, or you've just had really bad luck when admins weren't able to get on.
  7. xWarri0r

    xWarri0r Catapult Fodder


    Yeah I see your point there. I'm on the USA Eastern Timezone if that makes a difference in anything. (New York)

    EDIT: Wow, I can't agree more about your first paragraph. I laughed. Thumbs up!
  8. link6155

    link6155 Bison Rider Staff Alumni Tester
    1. SharSharShar - [SHARK]


    In this case it does, you could have reported these incidents on the forums if you checked it out. Not sure, about the pop-up feature. unfortunately in KAG, when someone starts a votekick, other tends to follow even though they don't know why they are kicking this guy off. If this does happen, again, the forums is the place to go. The forum also has the online IRC client for those who don't want to install an IRC client on their computer.

    So yes the forum does somewhat play an important when it comes to banning hackers, griefers, and trolls.
  9. Conquerer

    Conquerer Shark Slayer

    Today me and some of my clan mates were playing on the Australian Zombies Server and there was a griefer that griefed our 'clan chimney'. We built this epic chimney with really cool patterns and all, but we built it on top of an easily collapsible stone room with a bunch of workshops inside (2 or 3) and then this guy comes and collapses the room, our chimney with it. I went on the irc #kag and typed in '!guard Griefer on -Tj-'s MiniZombies Server' (btw there were at least 5 or more guards online in the irc) and guess what? No response. I waited at least 15 minutes before giving up. In the end, me and my clan friends left and no guard came while we were on. If this is the service that the KAG royal guard provide, they might as well just give up on the whole guard system.
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  10. Contrary

    Contrary The Audacious Paramount of Explosive Flight Donator Tester

    Ok I was going to type up a sarcastic and condescending post but seeing as this is a nice thread I'll lay it out straight: Guards are not obligated to be online 24/7. We are volunteers with our own lives to take care of. Sometimes it will happen that no one is there to answer your call, but its a little silly to try to abolish the whole thing because of that. Last week I tried to order some Vietnamese soup on Sunday but they were closed; this doesn't mean I should try to get rid of all Vietnamese soup.

    There are valid criticisms you can make of the guard system, but this is not one of them.

    Anyways Mellian's suggestion is really good; I use to play on Flatmap exclusively and it was always excellent. I have a feeling you play a lot on Roleplay servers which are notorious for being awful and simultaneously full of griefers and lackluster (if not downright terribly abusive) admins. There are good servers but you might need to dig a bit.
  11. Canadian98

    Canadian98 Haxor Tester

    There's never any Aussie guards on irc anymore, only ones from Europe or NA. During the day in Aus, most of these guys are AFK.
  12. PainGiver

    PainGiver Arsonist

    I see Raron answering to a lot of guard requests, and Kouji. Some people that are a guard I wonder how they got the position, because I've been called the "N" word by one of the guards and it was completely undeserved(I don't post a abuse report because I've seen a Guard showing results of that information to a non staff member in IRC, and mocked the person who made the report. So therefore the report system is flawed). A guard that is on the IRC could be either AFK or sleeping, so can't expect only one individual to monitor the IRC 24/7 as they have personal lives. However, the guard system was put in place for a reason, to stop griefers, hackers and cheaters; unfortunately, there is by far to much griefing and hacking going on for a swift response from a guard. The guard system is nice, but the people that are supposed to be responding to these !guard requests seem to be unreachable.
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  13. Conquerer

    Conquerer Shark Slayer

    We did wait for fifteen minutes after asking for help, but then my friend was having trouble getting onto the server that we were all on and I stayed back to help him for a while. All up it was about 45/60 minutes with no response.

    Guards are given their position because they are expected to help the KAG community. If a guard responds in an hour to a report, the griefer will have already left the server, and nothing will be done about it.
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  14. I love how this is pulled out of context. (and yes, it was me who called PainGiver a "negro").
    We were playing gather and suddenly everybody chose AUS server so we ended up playing in Australia which was unplayable for Europeans. Then Kalikst to end the match.
    [16:11:48] <MOLE Kalikst> all right
    [16:11:52] <MOLE Kalikst> im ending this match
    [16:11:55] <Cyb>Orso> ok
    [16:11:55] <xCUBE Ej> NO
    [16:11:56] <MOLE Kalikst> D:
    [16:11:57] [Abc] Tro left the game
    [16:12:00] Cyb>Orso left the game
    [16:12:00] <xCUBE Ej> stupid nigger
    [16:12:05] <eX' PainGiver> Racist.
    [16:12:08] <xCUBE Ej> you are not an admin to decide my rights
    [16:12:12] <xCUBE Ej> shut up negro

    I was obviously kidding (as indicates " you are not an admin to decide my rights") to which PainGiver said "Racist.". Given circumstances, I decided to call him a negro because I considered it both an amusing way to reply to any accusations of racism and a funny word.
    I'm sorry if you felt really offended by this, this was not an intention of mine


    Also OP, you most certainly have a point. Most of the servers have 3 to 0 admins, most of the stuff sadly has to be done by guards who aren't robots either.
    The guys above have said a lot of useful things so there's no point in repeating those.

    See the thing is, all those people who need it explain to mark people, are new too. This way of kicking is much more reliable than what we used to have, which was basically just like the map voting. You could vote anyone this way and since people are peons they would votekick any person just by mashing F12 wildly.
    Sure the voting system is not very good but I can hardly think of anything better.
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  15. MCrypa

    MCrypa Haxor

    > Bergice roleplaying server.
    > Serious play.
    That place is a known griefer haven. With people shouting RK all over the place, towers collapsing. It's essentially a place for griefers to satisfy their lusts/grow their e-peens. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to remember that guards gave up on moderating those types of servers, just due to the amount of stuff that's going on (or another reason, memory is a little fuzzy). Also, I agree that there are rarely any admins on servers such as Bergice, although, they're not completely absent.

    In my experience, full/popular servers have the most trolls and griefers because there are more players on. Try playing some less popular servers and I promise you that there will be considerably less of the kind (most of the time).

  16. Canadian98

    Canadian98 Haxor Tester

    Most of them are sleeping when it's mid afternoon in Australia.
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  17. PainGiver

    PainGiver Arsonist


    What makes "Nigger" and "Negro" a funny word?
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  18. SpideY

    SpideY Hear Me Roar Staff Alumni Donator

    Just quit trolling then ej instead of feeling sorry just after bullshiting him with that kind of word. You are an "admin" afterall. Be more respectful since you used to troll everyone around. Many people forget that they are behind a computer and not in real life =/
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  19. Gofio

    Gofio Gunwobbler x3

    Most of this is true.
    The guards are not very active on the servers, if they show up at all.
    You can actually call them, if I'm not mistaken. (I think there was a command for it...)
    There have to be more guards, and better guards.
    Maybe it's just me, but am I the only one wondering why Ej is a global mod? :P
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  20. 8x

    8x Elimination Et Choix Traduisant la Realité Forum Moderator Tester Official Server Admin
    1. The Young Blood Collective - [YB]

    What you could do, in order to contrarrest the amount of griefers/hackers/lamers, is to record them and post it at the Help section of the forums, as link6155 stated.
    At this page
    Furai, the guy who applies the bans at that section, said this:

    From now on I'm not accepting griefing reports from the "Classic Role-Play #2 by bergice [LITE-RP][5 Races][32-Players]" server and any server similar to it.
    It is because of the vague rules of the server.

    Consider this as well.
    Just get FRAPS, and every time you see someone hacking or griefing make a video, post it somewhere and crerate a forum post. It takes maybe 15 minutes to do, but that's the only thing we can do.

    You could also consider to talk to the server owners to apply for being admin, try to know the admins and try to help them. They might get to trust you enough to ban or kick someone if you saw them griefing.
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