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UKC 3 - Trio CTF Tournament

Discussion in 'Contests, Tournaments and Giveaways' started by ShamWow-SuperRag, Nov 1, 2021.


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  1. Join the discord.

    Tourney starts
    on Friday, November 12. Matches will be played on EU and US servers (more info below). Tourney format is single elimination with optional loser's bracket. Format and gameplay rules are subject to change.

    Matches will be scheduled each following weekend in November until the tourney is finished. If matches are not finished after the weekend of the 26th, the tourney will finish in early December. Teams are expected to play at least one match every weekend in November starting Friday, November 12.

    Sign up in the discord. Teams must have at least 4 players, max 5.

    Servers will have increased slot limits than previous UKC tourneys. A practice server will be hosted before the tourney starts, and a draft of the map cycle is in #maps.

    - Teams can ban one map
    - Matches are best of 3
    - Build time is 120 seconds
    - Respawn time is 7 seconds

    Server Location - For cross-region matches, one round will be played in each region. Team who wins their round faster plays in their region for third round.

    Disqualification - If a team is blocking the tournament from progressing, they will be disqualified. No teams will be disqualified without warnings and notifications.

    Prizes - Ribbons for everyone who participated. Medals awarded to top 3 teams, custom heads awarded to first place. Players must play in at least 1 round to receive a participation ribbon, 3 rounds to be eligible for medals/custom heads.
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Mods: Mazey