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Last Activity:
Apr 5, 2016
Feb 26, 2012
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Kingslayer mod soon to be released, keep updated on the progress here: http://kagrp.net/ Aug 26, 2013

bergice was last seen:
Apr 5, 2016
    1. levi9
      hey man! :DD
    2. platy1knight
      U and ur server dead? Platypus missed roleplay :(
    3. Ghostsiroman
      Hey dude , could u tell kingjad and other admins to stop make vip every idiot thye found? It's kinda annoying to see an idiot rker as vip and he even doesnt know how to type in any launguage...
    4. windwizard999
      Unban me from RP, please. Got banned by Lasam last year, begging him to unban me and he hasn't respawned. I admit, I LEARNED MY LESSON! I want to play with my friend who never got banned again. Your server is our favorite!
    5. startselect3
      RIP in peace dude, i wish i got to know you, you hosted an awesome server and seemed like a really nice guy :(.
    6. fangpier656
      du-hude where your rp server at?
      1. bergice
        I'm not sure, I don't host it anymore. I believe KingJad hosts it, so you could ask him. Good luck.
        Aug 24, 2014
      2. fangpier656
        nahh hes a dick
        Aug 24, 2014
    7. MonstaKit
      i havent played for long time and i think i got permban i dunno why. can u please unbann me? its on boldtemple classic roleplay
      1. Asu
        bergice was last seen: Apr 14, 2014
        Aug 4, 2014
      2. MonstaKit
        well i hope he will look here someday...
        Aug 8, 2014
    8. Sammy257
      How did you make more than two tents?
    9. Fisch
      Last seen at now 25 2013 ..........
    10. jamesam
    11. JonnieL
      Go ahead and add him up on skype, right in your name and send your reports in, Bergice's skype name is : Bergice, He's from Norway. You should be able to get your reports more easily now
    12. UNDERTAKER0909
      might of thor is an ass hole someone comes on to our team and griefs us and he dont fucking give a shit and dont do anything about it then when i come over and break somemething which was much less damage than what they did HE COMES OVER AND FUCKING PERMABANS ME might of thor should not be an admin he is the worst and
    13. SJD360
      UNDERTAKER0909 has been abusing the RK Punishment Rule. He's been getting people kicked by randomly attacking people, and getting that person to kill him, resulting in the person that UNDERTAKER attacked being kicked for his actions.
    14. fadeddeathkirby
      I think Bergice may be done with the server for awhile. He's been away form the profile for nearly a month. I really hope that he can get a new server up with all the people the used to play the game.
    15. ZeldaMarioDude
      I want to report Herobrine778, but how do Iput embed image there?
    16. ZeldaMarioDude
      Bergice, Keep an eye on this people:
      Pofurg (Something like that)
      NSF (SLT)
      COMFX655 (Retarded rker)
    17. Almost_Flying_Duck
      Hello. Is their anyway to report greifers and bad players on the RP server? There is no thread anywhere, and none come up from the search function. I have videos and images of proof to share if need be.

      P.S. Zolio/Zoilo is back, he said you guys would react instantly if I said his name (new name: Okiustep).
    18. kingofthebrithins
      Hey bergice...its been months since I have been banned in your server for no reason ):
    19. ZeldaMarioDude
      Keep an eye on NSF. I and some of my teammates saw him griefing and started speedhacking. Of course, I didn't managed to get proof ):
    20. fadeddeathkirby
      So has bergice left the forums or... just has new account? What? He used to post so often... :(
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