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Comments on Profile Post by CoCr

  1. sj67
    I love this new feature, it's called reporting people to the guards. I'm gonna try it now. ;3
    Jun 5, 2012
  2. Arcrave
    Jun 5, 2012
  3. sj67
    Handling this like a vanguarde. +1
    Jun 5, 2012
  4. WarrFork
    You can just delete these posts Sj. You're so not funny ;_:
    Jun 5, 2012
  5. sj67
    Or I could block him....
    Jun 5, 2012
  6. Bly
    Or you could ask him nicely to stop or say p, just ***** leave this crapy stuff. And that should work.
    Jun 29, 2012