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Comments on Profile Post by AgentHightower

  1. AgentHightower
    Also, You can add me on steam, My name is "AgentHightower"there with the same profile picture, Only if you want to befriend me or just want to duel with me :D
    Feb 3, 2017
  2. AmestriStephen
    he a thottie
    Feb 3, 2017
  3. Guardian_of_Irael
    @Agent: hi! Ah ah am I so popular? XD I hope to see you in game, again to have some good matches. Sadly less and less time to play lately! > <
    I'll add you on steam, but I use the stand alone .exe and I'm quite never on the steam client.
    ^ ^

    @Amestri: the new darn slang words I learn from you! XD :*
    Feb 3, 2017
  4. AmestriStephen
    Feb 3, 2017
  5. Guardian_of_Irael
    The British Aerospace! <3
    Feb 4, 2017
  6. AmestriStephen
    Feb 4, 2017