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40 Generic CTF Maps 2015-09-03

40 CTF maps with only one flag

  1. ffsff
    Here are some cool maps for CTF. All of these maps have only one flag and are all 250x70. They (to me) look and feel like generic and ready to step on maps. Each and every map hosts a different style of terrain and no two are the same (except different versions of a map). *All of these were made by me* feel free to use.

    I will put every map on this page so you can look through and choose the one you want. If you want to just download them all in one .zip file, I have put up 40CTF.zip for the download.

    The maps:
    3Angle.png BackwardsDash.png BadlandsSpikes.png BattleIsland.png BottomLake.png CenterFormation.png CenterFoundation.png ClassicWar1.png ClassicWar2.png DrytopCanyon.png EnclosedWaters.png Fjord.png FjordDrought.png GardenPass.png HighlandSeas.png IslandOverhang.png LostCave.png NaturalTowers.png OverhangPit.png PlatformFlats.png RaisedIncline.png SecludedForest.png SnakeTunnel.png SoggyShoes.png AwfulSoup.png
    ^^^This is 25 of them, the other 15 are on on the update page
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  1. The other 15 maps

Recent Reviews

  1. daskew87
    Version: 2015-09-03
    A selection of solid CTF maps done right. Some of these are fit for the default selection IMO. Stuff like this needs to be encouraged as we should have thousands of maps to play online!