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Altar CTF 3

Adds various constructable altars to CTF that provide your team with useful bonuses.

  1. Yeti5000
    This mod in its current state adds 5 altars to CTF.
    Each altar provides a powerful bonus for your entire team.

    You begin by building the base altar for 500 stone. :stone_mat:
    Then, choose one of the five options, each with a gold cost.:gold_mat:
    50 50 50 50 100

    1. Life Altar: Your team regenerates health over time. (Stacks)
    2. Resupply Altar: Boosts your teams resupplies. (Stacks)
    3. Speed Altar: Gives a slight speed boost to your team. (Doesn't stack)
    4. Wealth Altar: Periodically generates coins for your team. (Stacks)
    5. War Altar: [a bit broken] Damage and stun boost for archers and knights. (Doesn't stack)
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Recent Updates

  1. Maintenance
  2. Fixed Resupply Altar

Recent Reviews

  1. Ni
    Version: 1
    This is great!