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Animorph 2013-10-25

Change players into animals and other objects.

  1. Verrazano
    I've created a simple mod that allows you to change players into any object in the game the object will then have emotes/camer/movement of player and other normal properties of said object. You can set timers for these things for people to turn back or die. Works well with animals. This mod is a framework for other modders mainly but contains to prebuilt examples that you can use in game. It contains an admin script that allows the admins to turn players into objects. And a scroll that can be bought from The trader in tth or tdm. If you would like to use these mods please read the README file contained in the folder.

    - movement doesn't quite work.
    - if you use morph with a blob name that doesn't match an existing blob the player will be killed and can not respawn no matter what. until they rejoin the server.