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Anti-Impromod 1.0

Cause texturepacks shouldn't improve your gameplay

  1. JaytleBee
    Currently adjusted to impromod version 3.0.
    Please inform me if that's not the current version of impromod!


    So, Impromod. It sucks. really. (no offense, @DragonShark). So, if you don't want people on your server using it, install this mod on it. The mod will "lock" the textures impromod changes from being changed, so some other texturepacks may not work either.

    Note that all sprites not affected by impromod can still be changed by texturepacks.


    How to install:
    Just the same as any other mod. Seriously, do you need a tutorial under EVERY SINGLE ONE? What's wrong with you? You got Alzheimer's or something? (If you do have Alzheimer's I'm extremely sorry, please look up the tutorial under some other mod. Hang in there!)
    ParaLogia, Osmal and king-george like this.

Recent Reviews

  1. ParaLogia
    Version: 1.0
    Good work
    1. JaytleBee
      Author's Response
      *Cries one single many tear of joy*
  2. Osmal
    Version: 1.0
    Nice idea raz, youre making the world a better place. Wormy is just mad because he needs impromod to compete.
    1. JaytleBee
      Author's Response
      I'm just your friendly neighborhood modder-man.
  3. bunnie
    Version: 1.0
    let people use any texturepack they want...
    1. JaytleBee
      Author's Response
      I'm all for letting people use texturepacks as long as they don't change the gameplay. Impromod makes a lot of parts of the game objectively easier, though, which I find very bad. Texturepacks shouldn't improve your gameplay.