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Arena Loader 2017-03-01

yo dog I heard you like maps so I put maps in your map so you can ???

  1. Verrazano
    This is a simple utility file that allows you to load a png file map into another map while the game is playing.

    CMap@ map = getMap();
    string mapPath = "Maps/RTDM/Community/Bastille.png";
    string arenaName = "arena"; //used for naming the sector
    Vec2f position;
    CMap::Sector@ sector;
    if(map.getMarker("arena_location", position))
      uint offset = map.getTileOffset(position); //top left corner of arena to be spawned
      ArenaPNGLoader arenaLoader(offset, arenaName);
      arenaLoader.loadMap(map, mapPath);
      @sector = arenaLoader.sector; //the sector can be used for cleanup or finding things specific to the arena like markers and blobs.
    • Using the arena loader while running localhost will result in extremely funky behavior.
    • You should keep track of the sector name or sector so that you can clean up the arena tiles/blobs at a later time when you are done with it.
    • Using the map loader will not spawn tents or tdm_ruins. In order to do that use the sector and find the appropriate markers within the arena and create them.
    • The arena loader class can change it's parent class to any other loader if you wish to extend its functionality.