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Beards and Cigars - Headpack 2017-03-17

A new headpack with beards and cigars, among other cool features

  1. 3p1cL0bster
    Wanna walk around your good ol' KAG Classic server looking smooth and fancy like this?

    Or this?

    Or this???

    Well then this is just right for you!

    Here's the list of heads:
    (I know the heads on male and female are not organized, for example, the bison helmet are not in the same spot, but who cares about that anyway, am I right?)

    To install, simply go to KAG - Base - Sprites - And replace MaleHeads and FemaleHeads with these.
    Remember to backup the original ones in case you want them back.


    1. Headlist.png
    2. screen-17-03-17-23-09-50.png
    3. screen-17-03-17-23-10-12.png
    4. screen-17-03-17-23-15-54.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. Prototype
    Version: 2017-03-17
    Pretty heads! Thanks Lobster
    1. 3p1cL0bster
      Author's Response
      Thank you for downloading and reviewing!