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Beheerder Menu v1

Admin menu for TDM

  1. Vamist
    Beheerder menu is a mod designed for TDM tournaments. This menu was built using KGUI. Beheerder is the dutch word for admin/administrator, very cool.

    Current features (v1):
    - Players join as spectators
    - Only admins have access to the menu
    - Drag and drop player names into teams or spec
    - Score counter
    - Lets you select what item everybody should spawn with (limited selection atm)

    Video preview showing v1 features:

    Known problems:
    - Team picker UI might desync when a player leaves/re-join (just close and re-open the screen if this happens)
    - This mod is not compatible with other mods that edit the following files: TDM, TDM_Interface, RulesCore and more.
    - Admins who are given admin mid game must re-join to get access to the menu
    - Player slashes/charges arrow when interacting with the menu

    Future updates:
    - Cleaner code (this was first intended as a one time thing)
    - More server setting options
    - More options for server hosters (e.g. make menu admin only or for all players)
    - Allow you to ban shop items
    - Use of a text box instead of click to pick what item to spawn with
    - Allow admins to pick what class to spawn as/ if it should be knight v knight or archer v archer)
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Recent Updates

  1. Minor code cleanup and changes