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Berserk and crossbowman 002 2019-11-10

Textures Knith and Archer

  1. kaos0012
    The texture on the swordsman has been fixed, now it has no bugs and is displayed correctly, now all of us beloved class wears a black big sword and shield with us, there was another option to give him a small blade, but for technical reasons the small blade and the sword itself are one and the same , also the crossbow textures are included in the pack, well this is the standard By the way, yes, I almost forgot, the textures are only for the standard, a little later the textures will come out for cloaks and bags, or as it is now in the KAG, I have not played for a long time I must admit, well, that's all, thanks for attention.:fcp:
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Recent Reviews

  1. tigorsun
    Version: 2019-11-10