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Bird Mod: Builder Edition bird02

Rooster, Chicken, Hen

  1. Sasquash
    Ever wanted to run around as a rooster?
    Well now you can!

    Kudos CrispyChicken for the perfect testing phase name :p

    Please backup your BuilderMale and BuilderFemale files before putting this in your base folder!
    Team Colored for bold diffrences!

    Permissions: Anyone can use and Modify this resource without any need for credit other than to THD since that's the sprite source. :P

    BuilderMale.png BuilderFemale.png

    EhRa, Diprog, The_Owl_King and 11 others like this.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Diprog
    Version: bird001
    *original joke about cocks*
  2. J-man2003
    Version: 2015-11-11
    I think Fellere uses this mod all the time.


    Now make knights horses and pigs archers and I think we have a deal.
  3. gorilakingmk2000
    Version: 2015-11-11
    Cluck would be proud