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~Blavier's Tavernbrawl~ V11

It's a Tavern-Brawl.

  1. Yeti5000
    TavernBrawl v11

    My TDM mod with larger maps, new classes, new items, new sfx, new character art, new world art, new horses, new cannons, etc.. :r_flex::rekt::flex:

    The Classes:

    The Dwarven Barbarian:

    The Crossbowman:

    The Flail-man:

    The Flail-man Swinging His Flail:

    The Hammerman:
    The Rogue:

    The Rogue Disguised:

    The World:

    The Trees:

    The Ships With Cannons:

    The Horse:

    The Horse Galloping:

    Ehh.. How Did This Get Here?

    Host it or use it's assets (anybody but PainTrain), but give credit! :heart:


Recent Updates

  1. Maps, balancing, and more
  2. Hammerman Update!

Recent Reviews

  1. jonipro
    Version: V10
    Fun mod, with diverse gameplay. Wished there was more classes.