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BunnyFection 1.3

Fight or flight in this thrilling game of tag!

  1. Skinney
    Skinney & Strathos
    BunnyFection is a fast paced gamemode that requires teamwork, sacrifice and betrayal to survive. You start life as a bunny and must scramble to gather resources to setup a base before the infection. Survive for the duration of the match or destroy the Hatchery.

    Death is not the end for Bunnies, you will respawn as a Mutant with a new set of goals; Infect and DESTROY! To win as a Mutant you must infect and kill every living Bunny.

    As a bunny you must gather resources, build defenses and avoid the infected. To build your defenses you must first construct a Workshop which allows you to further upgrade it into a Workbench, Laboratory or Storage Cache.
    [​IMG]Workbench - Allows you to craft various blocks, mechanisms, turrets and items.
    [​IMG]Wood block : Low health and cost
    [​IMG]Wood door : Low health and cost
    [​IMG]Wood platform : Good for bridging gaps and pits
    [​IMG]Stone block : High health and cost
    [​IMG]Stone door : High health and cost
    [​IMG]Stone sconce : High health light source that doesn't burn out

    [​IMG]Spike trap : Pressure activated trap; high damage and health
    [​IMG]Door trap : Pressure release trap; high health

    [​IMG]Ballista : Fast rate of fire with low damage and health
    [​IMG]Cannon : Slow rate of fire with high damage and health

    [​IMG]Candle : Cheap carriable light source, will eventually burn out.
    [​IMG]Laboratory - Allows you to craft various potions that grant you short duration buffs.

    [​IMG]Speed : Increases your running speed dramatically
    [​IMG]Invisibility : Makes you completely invisible
    [​IMG]Rock skin : Reduces damage taken
    [​IMG]Feather : Increases jump height and lowers fall speed
    [​IMG]Storage - Allows you to store resources and materials for later use

    As a mutant you must stalk and hunt the remaining bunnies, to help you accomplish this you can gather biomass and gestate various minions and tools from the Hatchery including:
    [​IMG]Hatchery - Allows you to gestate minions, items and buildings; respawn, and even travel to deployed tracts. Protect this at all costs!

    [​IMG]Skitters: Agile and fearless, Skitters overrun and tear apart everything in sight.
    [​IMG]Husks: A hard shell and plenty of health is what the Husk boasts.
    [​IMG]Boomers: A massive gut full of corrosive goo is the calling card of a Boomer.

    [​IMG]Cysts: A pulsating globule of gelatinous mutant bile that sticks to walls and explodes, dealing damage, slowing bunnies and creating goo ladders.

    [​IMG]Tracts: Fleshy tunnels that allow you to quickly move around the map.

    1. Download the latest version of BunnyFection
    2. Extract the "Base" and "Mods" folder to your KAG root folder
    3. Open your autoconfig.cfg file and edit the following lines
    sv_gamemode = BunnyFection_v1.3
    sv_mapcycle =    
    4. Open your mods.cfg file and add the following lines
    5. Start your server and you're ready to play!

Recent Reviews

  1. damian204
    Version: 1.3
    amazing design! i kinda like the 1 tile height thing
  2. RaptorAnton
    Version: 1.3
    This is quite an original implementation of the all so popular zombie mode. This, plus turning the gameplay upside down, replacing humans with bunnies. Bunnies that build cannons. Sweet.
  3. 8x
    Version: 1.3
    The best part: reducing the size of the charachters to 1 tile, great idea and fisrt step to other great mods hopefully.