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Capture The Princess (CTF Modded/Expanded) v0.974

Princesses, Airplanes, Bombers, factories.

  1. Tsilliev
    Formerly known as CTF Modded, or CTF Expanded. Now renamed to CTP (Capture the Princess)

    The mod has airplanes, bombers, fighters, machine guns, bazookas, hidden trap blocks, shark/bison :bison: nurseries and other things. (Yes you can ride bisons and crush enemy's head this way!)
    Adds a whole new dimension in KAG, no more open skies with beautiful clouds, from now missiles and bullets, death from above. :r_flex::B)::flex:

    Installation notes included in the archive.

    There may be bugs and what not so write to me in the discussions if you find any.

    Mod have been created mainly by me, you can use it as you wish, you can host it at any time and have fun.
    Credits to Stabborazz, AsuMagic,MadRacoon,and other who will be added if they raise their hands so i can see them. (Credit for Olimarrex for raising his hand.)

    If you would like to support this project further you are always welcome to buy me something to drink here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=V6CJ3FY3L44CQ

    edit: 21.03.2016
    Now with Biomes!
    Some of the biomes:

Recent Reviews

  1. Beo
    Version: v0.9
    Good job!
  2. ZN_IrriNinja
    Version: v0.49
    This is a really good Mod, keep up the good work :D