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CommandChat V2.1

A overhaul to chat commands, adding many more !commands

  1. the1sad1numanator
    NOTICE, download from github here https://github.com/SadNuman/Kag-CommandChat unless you want an outdated mod.

    Keep in mind, {player} is specifying the player's username. My username is the1sad1numanator, it is quite annoying to type out every time. To combat this I added a feature to allow you to simply type the first letters of the players username and have it get the rest by itself.
    If I typed "!kill the", and nobody else had "the" at the start of their username, the script would know that i am referring to the1sad1numanator.

    This description was taken directly from from the !commands command in game

    Commands parameters:
    {} <- Required
    [] <- Optional

    No Roles:
    !playercount - Tells you the playercount
    !givecoin {amount} {player}
    -Deducts coin from you to give to another player
    !pm {player} {message}
    - Privately spam player of choosing
    !changename {charactername} [player]
    - To change another's name, you require admin

    !ban {player} [minutes] - Defaults to 60 minutes
    Warning, this command auto completes names
    !unban {player} - Auto complete will not work
    !kick {player}
    !freeze {player} - Use again to unfreeze
    !team {team} [player] - Blob team
    !playerteam {team} [player] - Player team

    !teleport {player} - Teleports you to the player
    !teleport {player1} {player2}
    - Teleports player1 to player2
    !coin {amount} [player] - Coins appear magically
    !sethp {amount} [player] - give yourself 9999 life
    !damage {amount} [player] - Hurt their feelings
    !kill {player} - Makes players ask, "why'd i die?"
    !actor {blob} [player]
    -This changes what blob the player is controlling
    !forcerespawn {player}
    - Drags the player back into the living world
    !give {blob} [quantity] [player]
    - Spawns a blob on a player
    Quantity only relevant only to quantity-based blobs

    !settime {time} input between 0.0 - 1.0
    !spineverything - go ahead, try it
    !hidecommands - hide your admin-abuse
    !togglefeatures- turns off/on these commands

    Type !commands in game to open and close this window
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Recent Reviews

  1. jonipro
    Version: V1.01
    Nice revamp to the ChatCommands. Although I cannot wait for more commands & updates to this.