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CommandChat V2.1

A overhaul to chat commands, adding many more !commands

  1. Primarily separation of files.

    @symbols @p1 to get the player closest to you. @p2 to get the player after that player closer to you
    use @b1 or @b2 and onwards to get the blob net id of the closest thing to you. replaces chat with username/netid
    new commands
    fixes and stuff
    #include CommandChatCommon.as and make your own commands in separate files.
    too much else to mention.
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  2. Complete overhaul of commands to use a class based system.

    Complete overhaul of commands to use a class based system.
    Few new tagging and debug commands. (wip)
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  3. !give now has a quantity parameter

    !give {blob} [quantity] [player]
    This command spawns a blob on a player now with a quantity parameter
    Quantity is only relevant to quantity-based blobs. If a blob is not quantity based such as a keg, it will not do anything, feel free to leave the quantity parameter at 0 or 1 when specifying a player.
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  4. Addition of the !addbot command.

    !addbot [on_player] [blob] [team] [name] [exp]
    Example use, !addbot true archer 1
    This spawns a bot, on the player, as an archer, on team 1.
    [exp] represents difficulty. Specify a value between 0 and 15. 0 is easy and 15 is mediocre.
    !addbot false archer 0 bob
    Spawns a bot that will respawn after death, as an archer, named bob.
    This is most similar to the !bot command, but now you can specify the name and class too.
  5. Added !actor and !teleport particle effects

    Simply put, both the !actor and !teleport commands get the ParticleZombieLightning particle effect upon use. upon teleporting to someone or teleporting someone to you, it informs the player with a small sound and particle effect. I find it both looks more interesting and prevents people from thinking lag or something else caused a teleport when it was actually a command.
  6. Assigned font when displaying !commands text

    Previously, it would take whatever font the client used last.
    It will now only use a single font and stay consistent.
  7. Unban command and better kick/freeze/ban permission checks

    The unban command has been added, included with custom permission checks for, the kick command, the ban command, the freeze command. Now these 3 commands will check for if the player actually has those specific permissions, rather than just checking if the player is a moderator.