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Compressed Musical Bucket v1.02

Compressed Musical Bucket Originally made by Domenje

  1. jonipro
    Original Resource; https://forum.thd.vg/resources/musical-bucket.340/
    Made by Domenje
    Compressed from 5mb to 1,9mb; zipped 1,6mb.
    I might update this one day with even a more compressed one.
    With this mod you can play separate notes with computer keyboard.
    To use it, hold a bucket and press '~' (tilde) to toggle musical mode.
    Then the center of keyboard becomes piano-like instrument, starting with 'Q' as C, and going onwards, spanning 3 octaves.

    V1.01: fixed delay between key press and sound on local client
    V1.02: added bayan, guitar and wicki hayden layouts, added help menu and GUI, added banjo sounds, added some controls for some layouts, separated sound files from script files

    Lateo from Free Universe Games made the sounds, very appreciated.