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CTF Modded 2014-08-09

More classes, buildable halls, town center, factories, farms.

  1. Tsilliev
    So the mod currently haves:
    +2 new classes

    Longer attack range 4 hearts

    Very fast shot velocity, x0.5 slower charge

    Archer haves x1.5 bigger velocity to be able to compete with sniper

    Knight haves 5 hearts to be able to cope with archers.

    Buildable hall,town center (war base)
    Factories for
    gold,stone - when factory is created after some time it spawns 250 gold or stone depending on factory, when the resource is used up, another 250 will be created from the factory.
    Tree nursery, for more tree seeds.
    Kitchen to make burgers to tame bison.
    Bison nursery.
    Shark nursery.
    Bomber factory, that spawns bomber when the team does not have a bomber associated with the factory.
    The bomber also haves a mounted bow, because well, I was thiking that the bomber was lacking some fire ability.


    Part of the files like sprites and sound are from the community like Skinney, 8x, AsuMagic,Fellere and others which I dont remember, please remind me if you do.

    And if you have suggestioms you can always say.

    If you wonder how to host well, here are the steps:
    1.Download CTFM034 rar.
    2. Extract at Mods folder which is located in kags main folder.
    3. In main folder of KAG find mods.cfg and write CTFM034 like this. (in picture its 33 but put 34)
    4. Go to autoconfig.cfg, find sv_gamemode, and instead of TTH or TDM or CTF whatever it is there, delete it and put CTFM034 so it looks like sv_gamemode CTFM034, you can change servers name from sv_name, you can put description from sv_description as I recall, and make sure sv_register 1 is not 0 but 1 so your server appears in browser.
    5. Start dedicateserver.bat
    6.Start KAG
    7. Click multiplayer, click connect to, in IP bar type and push the green tick.
    And thats it.

    I will see what other stuff I will add. And on monday 11th of august 2014, I may have proper server to host the mod with.

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