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Custom Heads Menu 2.0.1

Adds a new menu that is used to select custom heads. It can be opened from ESC menu.

  1. Fixed a button that sets your head back to vanilla.

    Quick fix.
  2. Fully rewritten!

    A big update that fixes code for syncing stuff between a server and a client.
    • The mod is now called "Custom Heads Menu".
    • Now you call a menu by pressing a new button in ESC menu.
    • Fully rewritten, works better.
    • Can be translated to other languages.
    • Settings are now in a simple config file.
  3. Easy setup

    Now you don't need gamemode,cfg at all, just add the mod to mods.cfg
    Now the mod modifies KAG.as a bit to add NHM_Logic.as to rules scripts.