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Custom tiles for modders 0.1

Kaggish-like custom tiles for your mods

  1. 8x
    (le clicky to make bigger)

    Most of the tiles can replace the vanilla castle, dirt and wood and their background versions. It contains stone, grass and wood from mishKa's Albionian pack, and some tiles from old structure mockups by Geti. The white bedrock is from spriter from classic called Major. Apart from that, I've done the rest of them. You'll find fine recolours, fresh new blocks, some other random wooden and stone tiles, a row of 16 concrete-like blocks for autotiling and a couple of decoration ones. Will be adding more in the future perhaps.

    You can use modify the ones by me freely, as long as you don't claim authorship, and credit is not needed. I bet there's no problem in using the other's ones (I've been doing it for years).

    Note that some stone blocks would require to recolour structures like doors or mechanisms to fit.
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