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CustomEmotes 1.0

Add personalised sets of emotes for everyone to see!

  1. epsilon
    As my first modding project, I adapted @makmoud98's Player Heads mod to work with emotes. This mod allows you to add several sets of emotes which can be cycled through using the +/− keys. Emotes are also displayed on the bottom left of your screen to make it easier to tell which set you're currently on.

    Installing the mod
    If you want to host the mod on your own server...
    1. Download the mod and extract the folder into the Mods folder
    2. In the Mods.cfg file, add "CustomEmotes" onto a new line
    3. Run the server

    Setting up custom emotes
    1. Download the template below or create a file that's 180x20 pixels
    2. In each 20x20 section, add you emotes including the speech bubble. Each section corresponds to their respective emote hotkey (1-9)
    3. Save the file with the name "emotes.png" and put it in your Base/Maps folder
    4. Join a server with the CustomEmotes mod and check that your custom emotes were set up correctly by opening the console (home key) and reading the yellow text. It should say something along the lines of "emote successfully loaded", or it might say that the file dimensions are incorrect

    − The first set will be default emotes. To switch to your custom emotes (if you have set it up correctly), use the +/− keys next to 0.
    − To add more sets of emotes, expand the height of the file by another 20 pixels. You can have as many sets as you want by adding more rows to the file.
    − You don't need to add an emote for every key. Leaving a section transparent will disable the emote for that key.

    A huge thanks to @cameron for teaching me the basics of modding, as well as @Blubahub for your tutorials!

    I would appreciate it if credit was given if you choose to use the mod

Recent Reviews

  1. Blubahub
    Version: 1.0
    Amazing! The only thing that I'd think that would be better if one could optionally have multiple sets of 9 custom emotes (more custom pages of emotes)..!
    1. epsilon
      Author's Response
      That's already a thing :P