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Dash Ninjas! 2917-15-IV

A modded TDM with Strathos' dash and custom maps, sprites and sounds from the forums.

  1. 8x
    It's time to Ninja.

    (better watch on youtube, HQ)

    Dash Ninjas! is a modded TDM. The key features are:

    - Increased difficulty: it's faster, characters have less health, and the items are reduced to the basics
    - Dash.as from Strathos, with smaller cooldown and higher dash force
    - Custom sprites from the KAG community; Generic Ninja SNES-like sprites
    - +30 custom maps, plus some vanilla ones modified (place the K folder on your Base/Maps folder, as the mapcycle indicates that)
    - Custom sounds

    Note three things on the updated version: The health changed, the mode changed, the sprites changed.
    - Check Archer.cfg and Knight.cfg to change the health there
    - Check TDM_vars.cfg to change the game mode (you respawn when you die)
    - Check my resource Kotori if you want different sprites or delete the custom ones for each character (which would require some tweaks for the config files and a couple of scripts have changes for the sprites to work)

    Credits and thanks to:

    code in general
    : Strathos, Norill, Apronymous;
    sprites: xiaojin67, FlamingDragon96;
    maps in general: NkKing, Joiken, -TJ- , Monsteri, Ej, Contrary, Kouji, Eggnogg, frankomaster, Fellere825; almost all of these maps have been modified as well
    sounds: Trogar.
    and thanks to Aurora- for the help recording ingame clips.

    Known issues: female heads desynched, //fixed
    if laggy the animations won't always show up while dashing

Recent Updates

  1. Things work again. Hardcore mode on.