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Dawn of the Underworld - Solo RPG Classic

Experience dungeons and generic rpg story in soloplay offline

  1. Jonttubosse
    This is my project where I wanted to create some offline fun for Kag classic action hungry fellas. You can plug this mod in and start playing it by only changing 2 folders and 3 files in your kag folders. 5 steps tutorial inside the download. It should be extremely simple to get going.::): This mod replaces your ingame default builder tutorial which none ever plays and it makes this RPG easily available from your solo play menu.

    NOW TO THE HYPE!::P:25252525

    The main story is played at blue team's side. You still can just for killing boredom join red team and start mess things up if you want. I give you free hands.
    :archer:Archer class: -Increased health & damage
    -Firing speed etc at default
    :knight:Knight class: -Increased health & damage
    -Can use bombs but those are quite rare
    :builder:Builder class: -Increased health
    - Default damage, Cannot build. Can break blocks.

    :chicken:MAIN STORY RULES::hammer:
    At the end of the story you can count your final score based on your overall score and the lives your team has left. Because of that the highest possible score is earned by the fastest clear time? What's the strategy for this I dunno.

    You start in blue team's side and you need to stay there to the end of the story.

    Main story respects pure hardworking gameplay so wall glitching or such exploits are forbidden. (editor, haxs etc obviously not allowed.)

    Because endgame score is based on lives your teams has left you're not allowed to dig holes on the battlefield, lure bots or such to stop or slow the war going on. You can fight bots as much as you like on the battlefield but just don't try to prevent the war between them in any way.

    Post your score and feedback on this game at mod's discussion page if you make it to the end. For collectors try to find 20 chests :chest: just for a hint: 6 of them are found from the starting town. Rpg is found by simply pressing tutorial button from solo play menu.

    If you were playing some other gamemode before this rpg mod always restart KAG before playing because otherwise weird gamemode mixing happens. Warning alert for low specs computer users. This map is huge and full of stuff. When I played with my oldass laptop I experienced some framedropping. With my table PC it runs smooth as jazz.

    ::):With that you're ready to get a chill laid back Kag adventure when servers are empty.
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Recent Reviews

  1. LazarusTheGreat
    Version: Classic
    This is super cool and I can tell a lot of effort was put into this, but somethings are a bit difficult at the start. Like if you die you have to go all the way to King Arthur to become a knight again. Also bypassing those huge waves of the Red Nation is very hard.
    1. Jonttubosse
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. Death is really punishing so that's why I've made a lot Healing quarters around the map. Use them as much as possible and be careful when heading for new area. And for a tip you don't really need to fight red nation at the start if you don't want to. You can skip the whole thing by using bridge above the battlefield. The war between bots is more like lives counting thing to happen at the same time you're having adventure elsewhere.