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Destroy the Statue v0.75

TDM based gamemode. Defend your statues and destroy enemy statues.

  1. long_wood_bow
    I'm recruiting new maps. Please make and give me if you can!
    Also, I wish you enjoy on your server has greater spec and greater ping.


    Destroy the Statue(DTS) is TDM based game mode. Respected the game "Stick War".
    You must defend your team statues and destroy enemy team statues.
    You can get coins when hit enemies, enemy vehicles or enemy statues. Anyway, you can get coins if you fight hard.
    Fight without afraiding to be killed and get victory!
    New Buildings
    You must defend this. They alert to your team if when in under attack.
    These statues have damage multiply like wooden structures, but have lesser multiply of bomb arrows and catapults, and more multiply of swords and arrows.
    Heal Spot
    If you come near of your team or neutral heal spot, you will be healed.
    They don't get damaged by anything.
    To Do
    • Make GUI, You can see health of statues, players now alive and spawn timer.
    • More adjustable variables by config file, get coins on hit vehicles and statues, heal rate of heal spot, statue health and somethings someone want.
    • Falling chests as resupply, you can adjust time distance on config file.
    • Bedrock Platform and door for make team only trader, or make trader to unable to sell items to enemies.
    • Some game balance adjust.
    To Map making
    There are map markers in LoadDTSPNG.as. Please check them offsets at test map.
    • Blue Statue: 0,17,255(0x0011FF)
    • Red Statue: 255,17,0(0xFF1100)
    • Blue Trader(as same as TDM): 136,136,255(0x8888FF)
    • Red Trader(as same as TDM): 255,136,136(0xFF8888)
    • Neutral Trader: 80,80,80(0x505050)
    • Blue Heal Spot 0,17,240(0x0011F0)
    • Red Heal Spot 240,17,0(0xF01100)
    • Neutral Heal Spot 34,34,34(0x222222)
    Remember, Catapult rocks hits other team trader shops(except neutral trader shops).
    And you can put 2 or more statues.

Recent Reviews

  1. tigorsun
    Version: v0.75
  2. egor0928931
    Version: v0.7
    great mod
  3. Yeti5000
    Version: 0.2
    Its pretty good, though from what I've tested the healspots aren't working. I think you could add the explosives and types of arrows, plus more maps.
    1. long_wood_bow
      Author's Response
      Really? They work on my server...
      Please try these:
      Frequency is 2sec, wait for 2sec
      They heal only same team, except neutral healspots.