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Destroy the Statue v0.75

TDM based gamemode. Defend your statues and destroy enemy statues.

  1. Rework and map improvement

    now you can play it with current version kag. then win banner will never been shown, like current tdm.

    map changed:
    elder forest: changed ground from bedrock to dirt, trees can regrow now.
    bison den: now bison can't ride trampolines. also can't go spawn with bison.
  2. Fit to build 3482 and Chest change

    Made drill correspond to nerf.
    Now you can see winning animation like TDM.
    Now you can get 1 more item from chest, because 1 of item will be selected by opener's class and another item will be selected by gamemode.
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  3. Easy HUD, Config, Maps and more

    Easy HUD
    You can see health of statues on top left.
    Added Config
    You can change statues health, heal spot cooldown, coins gain and payment, timer length and more, in as file.
    New Maps
    Added 10 new Maps.
    Also changed some maps from v0.6 so now you can pick dropped coins(because of lowest height).
    Now you can see statues in mini map.
    Nerfed drill against statues, decreased damage rate from x1.0 > x0.8.
  4. Drill support, no arrow modding

    • You can use Drill in DTS.
      All classes can use Drill like TDM.
      Beware if you use other mod together.
    • This mod is no longer modding arrows.
      Now statues collides with only enemy projectiles.
      I think it allows to use other mod together easily.