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Dodgeball 13

a weird dodgeball gamemode nobody asked for

  1. added maps to the mod

    as title says
  2. Fixed red circle, new custom tiles.

    Fixed the red circle error caused by attempting to place a ball into your inventory, added some custom tiles to a test map on the server.
  3. Music, better ball effects

  4. Trails!

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  5. Sounds, Animations and particles!

    In this update I've added sounds (on kills) and some animations on kills and particles on the balls!

    The sound of the normal ball comes from Binding of isaac, and the god ball (green one) comes from the binding of isaac as well.
  6. Barrier changes + god ball team kills

    as title says. Barrier is more in the middle and has a color change, and god balls now team kill
  7. fixed something

    fixed hitters
  8. Dodgeball update!

    Fixed hits, so its not as bugged, made some changes to the ball colors and sizes. Next update will include custom blocks and more maps, possible more balls.