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Editor 1.01

Brings back the classic editor, an in-game world editing utility

  1. Aphelion

    The Editor is an in-game tool for server administrators. It allows you to place and remove blocks and blobs at your cursor with the press of a button.


    1. Download the latest version of the Editor
    2. Extract the "Editor" folder into your mods directory
    3. Open mods.cfg and add a new line containing the folder name
    4. Restart your server​


    To begin using the Editor you will need to configure it to permit you access.

    1. Open EditorConfig.cfg in Mods/Editor/Settings
    2. Add the usernames of those you wish to permit access to the editor, the following configuration permits players Aphelion3371, Duke_Jordan and Sohkyo to access the Editor:
    users = Aphelion3371; Duke_Jordan; Sohkyo;
    You can enter "all" if you want to allow anyone to use the editor
    users = all;
    3. Restart your server if necessary​

    Using The Editor

    After you've configured The Editor properly, you will be able to begin using it.

    First of all you will need to use the command /editor on to enable the editor. Should you want to disable it, use the command /editor off

    Note that you will need to re-enter the command anytime you die or switch class.

    If you are playing as a builder you have the option of selecting your blocks with the build menu.


    You may also place your cursor over the block you want to use, and press the V key to select it.


    Or use either /editor settile [tile] or the /editor setblob [blob] command, for example;

    /editor settile bedrock
    /editor settile ground
    /editor settile castle
    /editor settile stone
    /editor setblob chicken
    /editor setblob builder
    /editor setblob boulder

    Blocks are placed with the Z key.


    And removed with the X key.



    If you're unable to access the Editor, here are some possible causes:

    1. You may not have added "Editor" to your mods.cfg
    2. You may be forgetting to enter "/editor on" in chat to enable the Editor
    3. You may have improperly configured your EditorConfig.cfg file, names are case-sensitive and MUST be ended with ; Any additional names must be separated by a space.
    4. You may have renamed the Editor folder, doing this will break the mod
    5. If you are running a custom gamemode, your gamemode.cfg may be missing the "Editor.as" script

    If you are unable to use your builder menu to set the block for the Editor, here is how to fix it:

    Presuming you have another mod that overrides BuilderInventory.as, open the script, find the onCommand() method, find:
    if (blob.isMyPlayer()) {
        SetHelp( blob, "help self action", "builder", "$Build$Build/Place  $LMB$", "", 3 );
    And the following code underneath it:
    blob.set_string("editor_blob", "");
    blob.set_TileType("editor_tile", 0);

Recent Updates

  1. v1.01

Recent Reviews

  1. Sohkyo
    Version: 1.01
    Should have been a feature long ago.
  2. daskew87
    Version: 1.01
    This looks incredible...

    Is there a way to save a map once you've edited one?

    This would be great for tweaking maps to make them look brilliant.

    Anyone? :)
  3. BlueLuigi
    Version: 1.01
    Works nicely, enjoying the copy paste feature, editor was definitely something I missed from classic.
  4. super_gaming_geek
    Version: 1.01
    AMAZING for sandbox servers
  5. FoxyLady
    Version: 1.01
    Awesome editor. Thank you for this.
  6. 8x
    Version: 1.01
    Real good
  7. blackjoker77777
    Version: 1.01
    one of the greatest mods ,finally a good working in-game editor
    might have some bugs but its awesome great job.