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Fwiffo's Chicken Head. 1.0

Re-texturing of the Pumpkin head.

  1. Rice_Lord
    This mod was made for me personally, but then I thought that other people would like to have a chicken head, too. I will add more heads later on.
    Bugs: The only bug I could find was the head disappearing on and off after jumping (But this might just be a side effect from using a player model re-texture)

    Upcoming Features:
    More heads.
    Less disappearing head.

    How to use: Paste Heads.png in your KAG folder (File Directory: King Arthur's Gold\Base\Entities\Characters\Sprites), and then launch the game, choose the Pumpkin head, and there. You now have a chicken for a head. You're welcome.


    1. 20161104184728_1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. l3afysamz
    Version: 1.0