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Gold Rush 0.8.2

Resurrection of the first game mode of a very early KAG build

  1. Diprog
    It's a resurrection of the first game mode of a very early KAG build.
    You can easily change the settings in GR_Common.as and gr_vars.cfg
    How to play:
    • The goal of the game mode is to collect more gold than an enemy, before match time ends;
    • You need to put your gold into Sacks that can be crafted at a Builder Shop;
    • Put your gold into Sacks by holding [E] key;
    • Sacks must be placed near your tent (zoom out to max and hold [R] to see where you can place them);
    • If it's the game end and you collected more gold than an enemy, you win.
    New and changed shops:
    1. New Workshop Building.png
    2. Bomb Shop BombShop.png
    3. Water Bomb Shop (upgraded Bomb Shop) WaterBombShop.png
    4. Keg Shop (upgraded Bomb Shop) KegShop.png
    5. Arrow Shop ArrowShop.png
    6. Water Arrow Shop upload_2016-1-10_15-48-58.png
    7. Fire Arrow Shop upload_2016-1-10_15-49-24.png
    8. Bomb Arrow Shop (upgraded Arrow Shop) BombArrowShop.png
    9. Well (used to fill Buckets and heal you) Well.png
    10. New Storage Storage.png
    11. New tunnel Tunnel.png
    12. New Builder Shop BuilderShop.png
    13. Nursery upload_2016-1-10_15-49-33.png
    14. Bed upload_2016-1-17_15-29-57.png
    1. Unpack the downloaded archive "gr.zip" with any archive program to your game mods folder "KAG/Mods/";
    2. Name of the folder of the mod must be "gr". Don't change it!;
    3. Change the gamemode of your server to GR: open autoconfig.cfg and change "sv_gamemode" to "sv_gamemode = GR" (not "gr");
    4. Open "mods.cfg";
    5. Add "gr = DiprogAndInferdy:gr" like this:
      #try Add mods (directory names) from /Mods directory to be used by this game
      # use line breaks between mods eg.
      # Optionally add " = devName:modName" after the directory (where devName and
      # modName refer to the mod's registration info - the developer and the modURL)
      gr = DiprogAndInferdy:gr
    6. Save mods.cfg;
    7. Start your server.
    Don't forget to check out my other mods :)


    1. upload_2016-1-10_15-55-25.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Beo
    Version: 0.3
    Good job :)
  2. KingJad
    Version: 0.2.1
    Unique gamemode, nice work.
  3. Reality69
    Version: 0.2.1
    good job
  4. Asu
    Version: 0.1
    Great gamemode, makes me feel nostlagic ( My account got created after gold rush got removed but I had few older accounts )
  5. Iqorxx
    Version: 0.1
    It's an amazing game mode, it makes me coming back to KAG :)
  6. DmitryBelozyorov
    Version: 0.1
    Nice work there!
  7. SnIcKeRs
    Version: 0.1
    Good job