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Gold Rush 0.8.2

Resurrection of the first game mode of a very early KAG build

  1. Fixed for the latest build

    Nothing to say.
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  2. Hotfix

    Trees can be hit by builder.
  3. Fixed for the latest build and more

    • Updated scoreboard
    • Fixed sack's gold display (hold "V" button)
    • Gold amount updates every tick instead of 2 seconds (60 ticks)
    • Removed kings until next update
  4. Added kings! Next are little changes and fixes

    • Added kings (will be described later)
    • Added Ballista to the Siege Shop
    • Added Water Bombs and Mines at Bombs Shop
    • Removed Water Bombs Shop
    • Added Sack gold put sound
    • Fixed bug when you couldn't put gold into Sacks
    • You get now 100 wood and 50 stone at a tent if it's not a warmup
    • You can see a current version in tutorial
    There may be more changes, wasn't making any changelog
  5. Hotfix

    0.6 was 0.5 lol
  6. Fixed outpost, new way to win, new workshop sprite and a bit more

    • Fixed outpost, you could unpack it twice;
    • Players can't see buttons of sacks, if they don't overlap sacks;
    • All teams can access sacks of any team;
    • New workshop sprite.
    • Now you can win if you get 10x more gold than an enemy, but it only works if a half of a match passed
  7. Little changes

    • Now you don't need to zoom your camera to max, if you want to see a search radius of a tent;
    • Now Sacks don't change its team when somebody picks them up;
    • More materials from a tent on warmup;
    • Regen faster near a bed;
    • Fixed "Onlly" again;
    • Fixed the bug, when you could buy two outpost at once without spending coins for the second time.
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  8. Some new things and fixes

    • Added a Bed, used to heal;
    • Added score (you get it from building, killing, putting gold into sacks);
    • Now you can see the gold count of sacks by holding [E].
    • New maps
    • Smaller maps
    • Fixed Fire Arrows Shop construction;
    • Fixed something in outpost, repair price is 200 wood;
    • Fixed "Onlly Builder is avaible on warmup", now it's "Only";
    • Moved all of settings to the "settings" folder;
    • Well doesn't heal anymore.
  9. Rewritten rules, updated well, new gui, fixes, tutorial and more!

    • Added a simple tutorial window (press [X] key);
    • Added bombs to Water Bomb Shop;
    • Added a Nursery;
    • Added a Fire Arrows Shop;
    • Now you can see a search range of a tent by pressing [R] (but you need to zoom out to max)
    • ONE NEW MAP!!! (by @Olimarrex)
    • Now it works faster;
    • Only builder is avaible on warmup;
    • New GUI;
    • No time reset;
    • Removed Meteors;
    • Tons of Sacks don't spawn anymore when...
  10. Fixed for latest build (1714)