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Impromod 3.0

A texturepack that probably improves your gameplay.

  1. DragonShark
    Impromod is a texture pack that probably improves your gameplay. In this texturepack you will find lotsa cool improvements which can help you play. ------------------------------------------------------------------------



    • Knight
    • Archer
    • Builder
    The knight and the builder have a little light dot as new crosshair, that means that you have a cleaner crosshair. The only diffrence is that the builder's crosshair is a little bit bigger.


    Archer's crosshair is much more diffrent from the Knight's and Builder's crosshair.
    Archer has the same crosshair as knights but with a diffrence, when you charge up an arrow you can shoot at diffrent strengths. A weak strength, a medium strength, a strong strength and a triple shot.

    The crosshair is white at weak strength, yellow at medium strength, orange at strong strength, and red at the triple shot. This means that you can controll the timing of your arrow strenght and shots more easily than before.

    Other stuff (a LOT, be sure to check):

    Mines have a red background so you can see them when hidden.

    Bombs now have a timer so you can time your bombjumps and know when people are about to throw a bomb.


    Text boxes and maps now have a finer red and white texture.


    When Archers duck and hide from you, they can be seen since they have an arrow above their head.[​IMG]

    The indicator when someone has a double slash or a triple shot ready with the knight or the archer now is more visible, so you can predict it more.[​IMG]
    You know when you hit a block with the builder or the knight, and it only gives a white border?
    Is it a bit hard to see?
    Well fear no more, this over saturated indicator should help you.
    Also note that the eating sound when you eat some kind of burger, fishies, or anything that makes a munching noise. That sound is now amplified to about 26db+ so you can hear it much better when the enemy heals, this indicates of course that they have full health again.

    Did you ever have problems with tree seeds being hardly visible?
    Well fear no more, I added this green border to them to make you see it better.


    Did you ever have problems with seeing spikes?
    Well here's an improvement for you to see them more easily.
    That's all for now.
    Open the Impromod folder and move the Base folder into your King Arthur's Gold folder location. Press overwrite and you should now have the texturepack installed.

    Open the ZIP package, and drag the Impromod folder to ...\King Arthur's Gold\Mods\
    After that go to your mods.cfg located at ...\King Arthur's Gold\ and type in Impromod.

    NOTE: This works on any server.
    As soon as I find more things to improve and have time I will try and add them as soon as I can.

    Have fun! :)
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Recent Reviews

  1. ErickSantos12
    Version: 3.0
    i love it!
  2. link6155
    Version: 3.0
    Suppose it does what it is intended to do.
    1. DragonShark
      Author's Response
      but why 3 stars though ;(
  3. Diprog
    Version: 3.0
    Now you can cheat legally
    1. DragonShark
      Author's Response
      hell yeah
  4. duke54
    Version: 1.01
    Good for highlighting hidden mines, and showing when bombs are about to explode
  5. EhRa
    Version: 1.01
    Like the things, instuctions are wrong though, had to reset my kag cause of you....
    1. DragonShark
      Author's Response
      Sorry for the wrong instructions, I hope you're happy with the mod though!