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Inverted Zombie Texture 2015-05-12

Texture Correction For Zombie Players

  1. Withror
    These are three inverted textures for KAG:Classic - Zombies

    These sprites will invert the zombies for KAG:Classic. Which will make zombies on normal servers face the other way, but the purpose of this is to
    make players who are in zombie sprites face the right way.

    Basically, if you're on a server on which you can play as a zombie, usually your character will face the opposite way from your cursor. But if you take this texture, it will be normal. Keep in mind, normal zombies not controlled by actual people will face the wrong way with these textures.

    One server where this is particularly useful is Humans vs Zombies - Apocalypse! [JUXTA++] - a server by adisss650

    Normal zombie builder texture
    Inverted zombie builder texture
    How to: 1. Download the resource
    2. Open up your KAG-Classic file, usually located under C:\Users\YOU\Kag-Classic
    3. From there, go to Base\Entities\Actors
    4. Unzip the resource you downloaded and copy all three of the
    .png files there. You will replace your normal textures with
    the inverted ones.
    5. Done.