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Joiken's CTF Map Pack 2016-02-02

My collection of CTF maps!

  1. Joiken
    Here is a collection of CTF maps I made throughout the past year.
    I'll continue to update this resource as I'll keep making maps

    If I get enough requests I might do a TDM pack

    Map descriptions:

    Dirt Wars
    [CTF]Joiken's DirtWars.png
    Typical map with a hill on the middle but with added AT-AT inspired high ground close to the base. Fun cave layout inside the hill.

    Dimensions: 256x128
    Flags (per team): 3

    Simple valley-ish map with small caves. Good amount of resources overall and pretty fun dynamic gameplay. Once you take over the hill in the middle your team gains a huge advantage.

    Dimensions: 220x80
    Flags (per team): 2

    Fish Bowl
    [CTF]Joiken's Fish Bowl.png
    A map that is very slow paced at the beginning but when you get to the point you cross the pound and are able to deal with the sharks you get so much out of it. @Guro pls gib code Few interesting cave complexes as well. Plus the chickens available are a huge help and very needed. Make sure to use them!

    Dimensions: 256x128
    Flags (per team): 3

    Flat 1
    [CTF]Joiken's Flat1.png
    In my opinion my best flatmap. The mine system added is very fun and a nice place to put down workshops. The resources are well spread throughout the map. Not much to say, a simple and fun flatmap.

    Dimensions: 240x60
    Flags (per team): 2

    [CTF]Joiken's Trés.png

    Huge waterfall, 3 flags and a lot of chickens. What can go wrong? Well a lot, but this map is still a lot of fun. Especially with 32 players! (Lets hope no idiot floods the map...)

    Dimensions: 256x128
    Flags (per team): 3

    Why Do All My Maps End Up Like F***ing Faces
    [CTF]Joiken's why do all my maps end up like fucking faces.png
    WDAMMEULFF or the cucumber map as I like to call it is a really fun but really annoying map. But oh my... When you get to the point of going up well, there's when the match really starts. Also, friendly reminder keg dropping is still a thing. :wink:

    Dimensions: 200x130
    Flags (per team): 2

    Deformed Oasis

    Really detailed map and one of the coolest maps here in my opinion! The caged flag is going to be the hardest one to get but there are many ways to get there! And don't worry, there are trees near the spawn for your workshops and stuff!

    Dimensions: 290x132
    Flags (per team): 2

    We are down to the last one and I'm running out of imagination for the description of the maps... This is a small map with a fish pond in the middle. A lot of flowers for those endless knight duels on the top of the elevated ground above the water!

    Flags (per team): 2

    Have fun and leave feed back on what you think!
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