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Jonttubosse's Maps ;3 Classic Maps

Over 20 RTDM/TDM maps Come and get surprised!

  1. Over 20 Tdm/rtdm MAPS!

    YAY! Ya can download those maps and more by just pressing DOWNLOAD ;3

    View attachment 31068 Train on kag? Yes! And there's Train station with clock and also there's cool crane for loading wagons. Very cool battleground for e.g Rtdm:migrant: This one is updated version of train map!

    View attachment 31069 Ah and second map is just castle:castle: on hill. And with bombs:bomb: you can enter inside of hill which contains some kind of old temple.

    View attachment 31070 Third map contains big suspension bridge, :gear:Steam powered airships and smoke from high :camping:chimneys!

    View attachment 31172 Fourth map: Windmills!:note:

    View attachment 31072 Fifth map: Big awesome paddle steamer!!!

    View attachment 31139 Eiffel Tower! Yay!::P:

    View attachment 31173 Airship is ready for battle!:sword:

    View attachment 31254 This one is damn ugly:chicken:

    View attachment 31470 Well this one ain't ugly..:gold:

    View attachment 31332 10th map! :wink:

    View attachment 31353 The ancient Tower of Babylon! Well its pretty big map soo...:eek: [EDIT: or was it babel tower?::P: Whatever]

    View attachment 31354 i made little bit smaller version of it called Babylon Gardens!:wink:

    View attachment 31469 Maya Temple!!!

    View attachment 31478 Cave with old kingdom ruins :bedrock:

    View attachment 31568 Inspired by Nitrome game: Steam Lands

    View attachment 31621 Japan! ;3
    [Thanks to Wormy Bunnie for idea]

    View attachment 31793 It's poor little slum!:build:

    View attachment 31940 Mountain Fortress!

    Important: Tell me if maps have problems! And reviews would be awesome too! ::D: Oh and there's also secret maps in that download folder ;3
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