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Juggernaut with Superpowers v1

epic fun

  1. jonipro
    Juggernaut is a gamemode which is based on TDM. There are two Teams. Heroes and Juggernauts. The juggernauts objective is to eliminate all heroes, and the Heroes will have to destroy the Juggernaut(s) depending on the round. Taken from my Juggernaut Guide
    Blue team players got superpowers.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Doom music's included, credit goes to all mod devs. Idea for mashup by Jahn, mashup by Blubahub
    More information is provided in the readme, if you're interested.

    Extract Juggernaut_Superpowers, and JuggernautMusicRevived into your KAG/Mods folder.
    Add both folder names into mods.cfg.