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KAG but overpowered 2018-04-04

KAG but very unbalanced.

  1. Vamist
    This mod is CTF, but with a lot of tweaks to classes, that makes them overpowered.

    These changes includes -
    Archers instant kill, Grapple hook is very long, no falling damage.
    Knight has 360 range, more damage on jabs, shield sliding makes you go super speed.
    Builder digs faster, instant kill on pickaxe, no building cost.
    Bombs & bomb arrows now make smaller bombs.
    Water bombs & water arrows now send people flying if it directly hits.
    Kegs are a lot faster, and bigger range, they drop 5 to 10 bombs upon being destoryed.
    The barrier now kills you.

    There are some other changes, but thats all i can remeber. I may update this again soon.
    gif below (or use gfycat link)
    This FPS was low becuase the match had went on for 35 or so minutes, on a big map with a lot of stuff going on

    (more detailed version : https://gfycat.com/UnripeAggravatingCoqui )

Recent Reviews

  1. jonipro
    Version: 2018-04-04
    Best modification, makes kag a better place.
  2. Monkey_Feats
    Version: 2018-04-04
    Quality gaming experience.