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Kaggy - Tiny KAG launcher New 1.1

Launcher for KAG

  1. Hotfix for non-frisson members

    This update fixes the problem where non-frisson members can't start the game
  2. Say hello to the new Kaggy

    Hello fellow KAG players,

    It has been a little over a year since I have last work on Kaggy. Ever since the Steam release date of KAG, Kaggy had remain broken, until now. Kaggy now is better than ever and still is nimble. See first post for features (lots of them).
  3. Kaggy Public Developer preview

    Alright everyone, it's here!

    The public developer preview of KAG is available now! Even though it's not a final build, I'm sure it's 98% bug free! This build does have auto update, so you won't have to worry about checking for the latest version :)

    Also, I've decided to cancel the contest since no one seems to be interested or no one has the skills to make a background.
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  4. Kaggy 2 Developer Preview Hotfix

    A small update to fix newsfeed
  5. Kaggy 2 Developer Preview



    1. kaggy1.png