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King Arthur's Christmas 2016 December update 1

KAG Christmas theme

  1. 2016 December update 1

    Minor update from 8x and I.
    What has been changed:
    Heads.png 8x - "The latest head, the motorbike helmet isn't there" "Some minor issues at some heads, like lacking of outline pixel at times"
    World.png 8x's custom stone and wood block/background sprites.
    Buildermale.png 8x "The Male builder lacked of a pink pixel when mining making the head dissappear at 1 frame"
    Knightmale.png and Knightfemale.png Outdated slash animation updated to the new...
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  2. Tweaks and updated sprites

  3. King Arthur's Christmas

    Fixed one of the builder frames not showing head.