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Knights Are Interitus 1.0.2

A floating undead head skin for the Knight class!

  1. Blubahub

    My first mod... :ehh:
    Thank you for taking the time to read this!

    Knights Are Interitus is a simple little texture pack mod that contains what you've always wanted but never asked for: A floating skeletal head with a gory death animation sprite for the Knight class! :skull: And the best thing? They fight with big ol' energy swords!​

    Idea inspired by the new knight class's name from @king-george's AllVsOne mod. :flex:
    In this mod, I provide a very detail explanation (in the file Interitus.as) on multiple ways on how to use it (e.g. private use, server use, modding it, and so forth), along with a bit of random fiction about them. It also includes the first in my series of SEZ (Spriting EZ) files, which are made so each file can be easily referenced with their borders shown by the large grid I make.


    Custom player heads do NOT work with this mod while the knight is alive, but the custom head will appear as one of the gibs. When stunned and before slashing or jabbing with their sword their eyes light up to help give a little warning just like the vanilla Knight spritesheet did.


    While the default skin does not include head-bobbing (it can look weird), I have also attached a non-enabled file that has said images.


    Lastly, again thanks for looking at this, and share any love you have towards this thing! Keep playing with KAG logic! See ya..! <3 :rollseyes:

    ~ v6steeda :smug:
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Recent Updates

  1. Corrected the "Fix" (OPPS!)
  2. Fixed Crediting

Recent Reviews

  1. jonipro
    Version: 1.0.0
    Very nice yes, we need more unique work like this.
    1. Blubahub
      Author's Response
      Thank you! I also think I got you here in one of the pictures, but I can't remember which... :/