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Kotori - sabres & bloodbath 0.1

A texture pack about stylized ninjas

  1. Refined the Original version

    I had some outlined version laying around and prepared it for a new update. Also, a new video with both versions of the sprites.

    Changelog 1.0 (09/IX/2016)

    - Original sprites now have outlines too to fit better in the general visuals
    - Tweaked some heads
    - "Outlined" is now called "Simple version"
    - Added definitely part of Oryk's contribution, the background
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  2. Updated sprites

    Just updated the sprites, heads mostly.
  3. Possibly the last one ;>

    Changelog 0.4 (22/IX/2015)

    - Outlined characters have more detail now (more shadows so they look more kaggish, and the knight has a shield)
    - Slash changed again
    - Added a custom World.png to the Outlined sprites
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  4. Fixed slash wrong placement

    Fixed the slash wrong placement, it looks smooth now. Change a bit the taunts animations of the knight (original still suck)
  5. SImple needed update (heads, slash, tweaks)

    Just toyed with this again,

    Changelog 0.3.2 (20/V/2015)

    - Tweaked some knight/archer sprites of both versions
    - Added the new 3 steps slash
    - Added new heads + modified a few of them (shit this is endless)
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  6. New sprites have outlines now

    Just did outlines to the sprites and added some sounds from Trogar's pack and a sushi sprite for the heart. Changed the heads too
  7. Here it is! New sprites!

    I just added a new version of this, and updated the heads of the original sprites too. Check the Overview!
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  8. Just added the new heads

    In case somebody follows this resource, I added the 3 new heads slots and the Yagger one. I changed a lot of them these past months and they're at the png too.
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  9. Some last tweaks, cleaned up too

    Coinciding with the mod showcase video, I tweaked some sprites and heads, and removed things from the pack. It contains now only the main modifications.

    Changelog 0.2.2 (25/02/2014)

    - Added the new community members heads, plus tweaked some others
    - Knight slash has again a more arcade white swing shape
    - Tweaked the knight and the builder to remove the transparent pixels with some heads
    - Cleaned up the pack in general, now only files at the Entities folder will be replaced
  10. Couple of things added, others were removed

    Eventhough I wanted to finish this asap, it seems that I keep on reworking it. The new heads fit better and the archer walks a bit different. The knight is ok, but it might get more arcade-like.
    Please report any bug.

    Working this has lead me to experiment with some 'Karateka' based knight sprites, with the same crappy pixel style served :migrant:; if I get something decent I'll share

    Changelog 0.2.2 (18/11/2013)

    - Tweaked the 3 classes spritesheets
    - New and funnier heads (some old...
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