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LeoSight KAG Maps 2023-07-21

Collection of 48 CTF maps created by LeoSight community

  1. Fortitu
    Collection of 48 CTF maps for KAG created by LeoSight community.
    These are mostly brand new maps, that you almost definitely never saw on any server.
    We use those maps for our private server and we've now decided to share it with you guys.

    Every map name is prefixed with it's author's name.
    You're free to use it on your servers or edit them as you wish, just keep the author's names.

    NOTICE: Few of those maps are broken, however every map by Rataj/Flyer (prefixed with those names) should work just fine and are perfectly symmetrical (except for few distinct exceptions).


    1. rataj_bisonpit.png
    2. rataj_groundtemple.png
    3. rataj_twotowers.png
    4. rataj_stoneheart.png
    5. rataj_snakes.png
    6. rataj_ctf_clay.png
    7. rataj_ctf_minipit.png
    8. rataj_floating_islands.png
    9. flyer_ctf_underground.png
    10. rataj_turtle.png
    11. rataj_onetower.png
    12. rataj_crest.png
    13. rataj_snakes.png