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long wood bow's classes v0.940

More classes. Anyway.

  1. long_wood_bow
    Add 6 classes.
    Them and genuine 3 classes are categorized in melee, ranged and support classes, and defensive, tactical and agility.
    (Knight the defensive melee class)
    Spearman the tactical melee class

    For all level players
    This class has strong melee attack and mid range attack.
    Also, spear ladder is better than arrow ladder (except at speed).
    Strong melee attacking allow you intimidating enemies, with many mid range attacking weapons.
    Higher health.
    Can make spear ladder that tougher than arrow ladder.
    Melee unit, but few way to block, or dodge bombs.
    Can't hurt stone blocks.
    LMB to jab/strong hit/double strong hit like knight's sword. Strong hit has more charging distance, range but lesser arc degrees.
    RMB to jab/throw spear/double throw. Spear deals 1.5 heart damage. Also, spears become ladder like arrows.
    Space while holding Shift to pick collided spears like archer and arrows.
    If you select poison or fire spears, and melee something or throw, they are used and cause poisoning or igniting.
    Assassin the agility melee class
    For expert players
    This class allow you killing an enemy without take counterattack.
    Smoke balls make it more.
    Can attack quickly and not take counterattack because attacks can knock enemy.
    Can kill reliably by using smoke ball.
    Can move quickly using grappling to chase enemy or run away.
    Low health.
    Can hit only one enemy, so weak to the group.
    Can't hurt stone blocks.
    LMB to stab. It is effective to flesh and can stun enemies.
    RMB to throw grappling hook. Can't throw it while stabbing.
    Space to use smoke ball and stun nearby enemies. You can buy it in knight shop.
    Musketman the defensive ranged class
    For all level players
    This class can snipe enemies with musket, and build barricades to block enemy's attack.
    Bullet has high velocity, range and can hurt stone blocks.
    Barricades help ranged classes of your team.
    No triple shoot, so can't hurt shielding knight alone (but can knock).
    Low health and no agility. Also, bullets can't make ladders like arrows.
    LMB to charge and shoot bullet when fully charged. When it's overcharged, the charge will be decreased like. Bullet can deal 1.5 heart damages, hurt a block even stone block.
    RMB to use shovel and dig dirt, gold or not thickly dirt stone block.
    Select in inventory and press LMB to build barricades. Need barricade frames in archer shop.
    Crossbowman the tactical ranged class
    For intermediate players
    This class has old style triple shoot that allow you attacking enemies over the walls.
    And, bayonet allows you beat non melee classes in close range.
    Can shoot strong triple attack to long range.
    3 heart health with long range.
    Can fight without charging in close range.
    Tripe shoot has low accuracy and has slower firing speed than archer.
    Can't hurt stone blocks.
    LMB to shoot arrows like old archer. arrows of triple shoot are not disappear in mid range. Crossbowman can use only normal, poison or fire arrows.
    RMB to use bayonet like knight's jab. You can get arrows when hit wooden thing like classic archer. Also, you can pick stuck arrows like archer.
    (Archer the agility ranged class)
    (Builder the defensive support class)
    Rock Thrower the tactical support class

    For all level players
    This class can shoot rocks quickly to prevent enemy pushing.
    Also can use hammer to break enemy buildings and build ladders.
    This class can use drill like builder.
    Can make rain of projectiles.
    Can hurt blocks without items, but has some attack methods.
    Ladder can support your team.
    Slow movement when throwing or attacking.
    Ammo is expensive in end of game.
    LMB to throw rocks or build ladder. You can change them in inventory. Rocks can deal 0.5 damage and hurt wooden blocks, they work when the rock has enough velocity.
    RMB to use hammer like builder's pickaxe. Can knock shielded knight a little. so can't hurt it alone.
    Space to construct a boulder if select throw action, or rotate ladder if select build action. Constructing has a timer of cooldown.
    Medic the agility support class
    For expert players
    This class can support your allies by healing and spray.
    Healing allows your team pushing enemies more.
    Can go to the battle front, or run away quickly.
    Spray allows you supporting and defending, especially against rats.
    Low health.
    Need jars to attack enemies, but expensive.
    LMB to heal nearby ally using med kit. You can earn coins if you heal the ally.
    RMB to throw grappling hook.
    Space to use spray. You can buy the jars to spray in builder shop. Water can knock enemies, poison can slow down enemies and give slip damage and acid can hurt enemies and blocks.
    Poison system supported

    You can use poison arrows as archer or crossbowman.
    Poison causes enemy lost agility and slip damaged.
    Also medic can use poisons as spray. Spearman can do it too, using poison spears.
    More water source of bucket
    You can get water from builder shop( or workbench).
    Modded files
    Archer.cfg:Added poison scripts.
    ArcherAnim.as:Added poison arrow texture.
    ArcherAutoPickup.as:Added poison arrows to list.
    ArcherCommon.as:Added poison arrows to enums.
    ArcherIcons.png:Added poison arrow.
    Builder.cfg:Added poison scripts.
    Knight.cfg:Added poison scripts.
    KnightSwordCling.as:Now it will be happen with spearman or crossbowman, too.
    RunnerHead.as:Added new classes' default heads.
    RunnerKnock.as:Added new knockable hitters.
    FleshHitEffects.as:Added new hitters to show effects or not.
    [Important]Hitters.as:Added new hitters.
    KnockBack.as:Added new hitters no knockback.
    ShieldHit.as:Added new blockable hitters.
    BlobPlacement.as:Assassin and musketman moves them pickup attachment point when crouch like archer.
    HighlightItems.as:Added new items.
    StandardPickup.as:Added new items for wheel menu.
    LootCommon.as:Added new items.
    OneClassAvailable.as:Make genuine class shops can change player some classes.
    StandardRespawnCommand.as:Added new classes and new style select menu.
    ArcherShop.as:Added new items.
    BuilderShop.as:Added new items, also can buy materials and get water to bucket.
    KnightShop.as:Added new items.
    Drill.as:Now rockthrower can use drill, but only for builder and rockthrower, even in TDM.
    Chest.as:Added new items.
    Keg.as:Added new hitters to onHIt.
    Mine.as:Added new hitters to onHit.
    Arrow.as:Added poison arrow.
    Arrow.png:Added poison arrow.
    TDM_Ruins.as:Added new clases.
    StoneStructureHIt.as:Added new hitters.
    WoodStructureHIt.as:Added new hitters.
    SwingDoor.as:Rockthrower's hammer works to door like pickaxe.
    Ladder.as:Rockthrower's hammer works to ladder like pickaxe.
    WoodVehicleDamages.as:Added new hitters.
    GameplayEvents.as:Added medic heal event for earning coins.
    HelpfulDeathTips.cfg:Tips for this mod.
    KillMessages.as:Added new hitters kill icons.
    PrecacheTextures.as:Added new class textures.
    CTF_GiveSpawnItems.as:Added resupplies for new classes.
    CTF_Trading:Added scripts for medic heal event.
    tdm_vars.cfg:Added cost of new items.
    TDM.as:Added respawn items for new classes and classes icons.
    TDM_Interface.as:Added new classes icon.
    TDM_Trading.as:Added new items.
    BasePNGLoader.as:Added new items to random magazine. You can get new items from random dispenser of TDM.
    To Do
    • Implement all classes
    • Separate classes in melee, ranged or support classes in tent class change menu
    • TTH, DTS support
    • Balancing
    • Bug fix
    • Better texture?
    • Better English? (I must study more...)
    • New class brains for other mod or new challenge