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long wood bow's classes v1.94

More classes. Anyway.

  1. Weaponthrower, bullet classes nerfs, bug fixes and more

    New class: Weapon Thrower the defensive ranged class
    Long range attack using boomerangs. Note: real battle boomerang doesn't return because it's dangerous.
    Mid range powerful attack using chakrams, also can be a ladder.
    Shield to block enemy attacking and special movements.

    Bullet classes nerfs and balancing:
    More bullet lower limit. 10 -> 30(shoot speed is 35.18), so it will be disappeared in red barrier faster. Maybe I'll add range limit to bullet.
    Bullet's force knock(for shielding knight) will be decreased from 20 to 10 ticks after 12 ticks from be shot.
    Now gunner needs more charging time. 30(normal)/90(snipe or double) ticks -> 45(normal)/90(snipe)/135(double) ticks.
    Decreased lower speed limit for spear max damage(1.5 hearts) 11.5 -> 10.0. Still need height advance to non flat place.
    Now butcher can't ignite ally kegs with oils(changed onHitBlob hook, it may doesn't need to change).

    Light edition bug fixes:
    Fixed radius of butcher's oil.
    Fixed the color of spearman's power attacking edge. That was for my birthday edition...
    Fixed the issue that can't see drill's heat.

    Bug fixes and more:
    Butcher doesn't destroy steaks with knife.
    Added helpful death tips for more new classes(even haven't made yet).
    Re-introduced bullet's colliding system for platform. It reduces illegal penetrate.
    Now you can see rockthrower's building help.
    Added KnightSwordCling.as to crossbowman and duelist, so cling sound will be played on attacking of them.
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