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long wood bow's classes v1.94

More classes. Anyway.

  1. Balance changes and more

    Balance changes:
    • More fire arc degrees for gunner's double shoots 16 -> 24
    • Added more friction 0.1 -> 0.5(arrow is 0.2) and drag 0.2 -> 0.3(arrow is 0.7) of bullet. It is lost some range
    • Reduced velocity border to disappear 30 -> 26.385 (archer's arrow x1.5).
    • Now bullet damage will be disappeared by velocity, 1.5~1.0
    • Reduced bullet normal stun 25 -> 20, already shield hit stun is reduced to 10 on mid to far hit
    • Now musketman can dig thick stone using shovel, but maybe I'll nerf
    • No stun when butcher hit shield, that was 20 ticks
    • Now you can buy butcher's poisonous meats and oil from quarter, TDM shop(I forgot oil before) and DTS shop. Still can buy only oil at builder shop
    • No poison damage and cure for corpses, it effects to butch
    • Now assassin needs more knife hit to break blocks, wood and dirt_stone 3 -> 6 hits and other 2 -> 3
    Fixed and Tweaks:
    • Changed design of class change menu at tent and like that
    • Changed the order of some shops. brought materials in builder shop to last and burger in TDM and DTS shop to first, for buying using number key
    • Now mine icon in knight shop get team colored
    • Changed poison cure sound
    • Changed default heads of some classes
    • Now thrown spear and chakram don't work as a ladder before colliding something
    • Changed musketman's building system when lost frames, like builder
    • Now you can get help when musketman is building, like builder
    • Knight and some classes can melee through ally barricades(that blocks allies melee attack like door), so changed KnightLogic.as even light edition
    • Fixed that "Could not create sound buffer" message on client when musketman fully charged(sound was too short? because of environment?)
    • Removed rockthrower's debug message for solve the problem of "temp blob" tag
    • Solved that building blobs of rockthrower and musketman don't get "temp blob" tag on client, so now I don't afraid to make more classes
    • Brought some sentences in OneClassAvailable.as to genuine shops, maybe better for other mod makers
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