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long wood bow's classes v1.94

More classes. Anyway.

  1. Firelancer the tactical ranged classes and more

    New Class: Firelancer the tactical ranged classes
    • Chinese medieval weapon.
    • 2 secs igniting time and 1 sec fuse time, then shoot 3 frags like shotgun.
    • Can use flamethrower likes firelance.
    • Use handle as weapon, low damage but high knockback and stun.
    Bug fixes and Tweaks:
    • Builder, Rockthrower and Demolitionist can destroy TTH shop now. Didn't change BuilderHittable.as.
    • Now TTH pyrotechnics factory makes butcher's oil.
    • Now spears and chakrams add their sprite against hit blob like arrows. Can disable if you turn on the Faster graphics setting like arrows.
    • Moved materials in builder shop next of boulder, it is more beautiful order when all items allowed.
    • Added new items costs config. Then deleted tdm_vars.cfg and follow genuine data anytime. Also, don't show disabled classes' items even cost is not -1.
    • Added drill description that classes other of builder can use it.
    • Fixed readying arm angle of musketman and gunner, 7 -> 11 ticks to full arm angle.
    To Do:
    • Add more variables in classes common scripts(e.g. KnightCommon.as), so you can change some variables easily.
    • I don't test light edition, I'll do it someday.
    • Add more smoke range of assassin, like medic's spray?
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