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long wood bow's classes v1.94

More classes. Anyway.

  1. For build 4137 and more, still working

    • Accept new knight's attacking system(better performance?)
    • Add special arrows' special pickup script to my materials
    • Add crouch sprites for new classes
    • Improve bullet and firelance frags, they don't hit mine well
    • Make light edition much lighter
    • And more...
    Fix and More:
    • Added BuilderAnim.as to both edition, because added barricades to fast pickaxe list
    • Now you can't change type of firelance while firing
    • Now firelancer don't show sparks while riding sieges
    • Now firelancer won't be canceled shooting by knocked, while firing
    • Fixed gunner's grapple while knocked
    • Fixed gunner's accuracy(normal and double shoot were the other way around)
    • Buff the gunner's normal shoot accuracy 8 -> 6
    • Double shoot of gunner and triple shoot of crossbowman will be canceled by riding siege.
    • [Test] Now duelist's rapier deals half damage for non-flesh objects(Todo: lesser damage for blocks)
    • Fixed weaponthrower's score board icon
    • Now random magazines(often with dispenser in TDM maps) don't get demolitionist's items in TDM, even enabled in config
    • Now you need to change LWBCosts.as to change menu size of TDM trader shop, but don't need to change tdm_vars.as for it in default
    • In normal edition, you can see tips in chat log.
    • Deleted HelpfulDeathTips.as from light edition(Todo: make light edition much lighter)

    Also please wait for the Warhammer the tactical melee class!
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